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Industrial Printer


The B-EX4T3 is an industrial printer which combines high-speed output with utmost efficiency for low running costs. Provides amazing accuracy even on labels as small as 3 mm gives you full flexibility and makes it the ideal choice for a large number of applications. The reliable Toshiba technology ensures hassle-free operation from Day 1.

Key Features

  • Flexible printing on labels from 3-104 mm 

  • Extremely accurate every time you print 

  • Superb quality with 600 dpi 

  • Intuitive usage and easy maintenance 

  • Low energy consumption 

  • Robust and reliable technology


  • Pharmaceutical Manufacturing, Pill bottle labels

  • Industrial Manufacturing, Parts labels

B-EX4T3 - Image.png


In today’s information-driven world, accuracy is business crucial and industrial printing applications are no exception. With high speed and high resolution alone you can not increase your efficiency - what you also need is accuracy. This is where the B-EX4T3 comes into play. Having perfect print results even on labels as small as 3mm, means uninterrupted processes from start to finish.


Superior print quality can be taken for granted with all Toshiba systems and the B-EX4T3 is no exception. The standard resolution of 600 dpi resolution delivers crystal-clear text and images, ensuring the data you print is easy to read.

Simple Maintenance

Toshiba’s innovative technology such as the double-ribbon motor control, snap-in print heads and field upgradeable options, ensures the B-EX4T3 is easy to maintain and operate. This saves you valuable time and a long lifetime of parts will lower your maintenance costs.


Easy to integrate into existing systems and workflows the B-EX4T3 will adapt to your needs. Its flexibility when it comes to how you want to connect your system and supports a wide range of codes and barcodes.

Ribbon & Media

The center-aligned media enables even pressure on the label no matter which width is used and ensures perfect print results. By using Toshiba ribbon, you will further lower the total cost of ownership of the printer as it was designed to perfectly match the printer's parts to avoid uncalled for wear.

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