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Industrial Printer


The Toshiba B-EX6 series — redefining the Industrial printer marketplace. Combining market leading technology with usability, reliability and the lowest total cost of ownership. Extending the capabilities of our existing range of B-EX printers to cover the most demanding applications, for heavy duty industrial printing. The rugged and durable design, advanced functionality, cost saving features and a wide choice of models and options for the best “all-in-one” industrial solution.

Key Features

  • Combining market leading technology with usability, reliability and the lowest total cost of ownership 

  • High speed; high throughput 

  • Rugged, robust and durable, with easy operation


  • Industry – Automotive, Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Textile, Electronics, Food & Beverages 

  • Manufacturing – Carton label, Rating label, Picking label, Parts label 

  • Government – Utilities 

  • Retail Distribution – Multiple label (Price label, shelf tag) 

  • Transport and Logistics – Shipping/Receiving label, Address label, Pallet label 

  • Healthcare 

  • Telecommunications

B-EX6T - Image.png


Performance and functionality to meet the demands of the wide-web printing marketplace, designed with features and options to offer the lowest cost of ownership; including an extended long-life print head; Toshiba’s unique ribbon save mode and an 800 m ribbon, to improve efficiencies and ultimately reduce costs over the life of the printer.

Flexible Design

The B-EX6 has been designed with the same durability and reliability as the B-EX4 range, with rugged and robust outer casing. But we have added more: a bi-cover to reduce footprint and opening space and essential operator usability, for ease of operation, reduced maintenance costs and minimal down-time.


Supporting 6 inch media, with speeds of up to 12 inches per second, the B-EX6 range can handle the most demanding printing applications. In addition, high throughput is facilitated with advanced processing capabilities, increasing overall efficiency and productivity.


For flexible connectivity options, USB and Ethernet come as standard on the B-EX6 series. The optional Bluetooth functionality allows for parameter settings directly from your smartphone or mobile device.

Range of Models

A choice of models to suit any application, with 200 and 300 dpi variants for superior print quality and perfect readability of barcodes. Flat head and near edge head models enable easy replacement of legacy printer estates, and a wide range of media and options offer flexibility for any printing application.

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