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Industrial-Desktop Printer


With powerful networking capabilities, the B-852 wide web printer from Toshiba delivers exceptional performance for a wide variety of environments and applications. This innovative industrial printer offers superior features including extremely fast processing, large internal memory, web printer controls and outstanding SNMP networking tools.


  • Manufacturing – to print carton labels, rating labels, picking labels, parts labels etc. 

  • Transport and Logistics – to print shipping/receiving labels, address labels, pallet labels etc. 

  • All industries which need to process and print large label sizes at high speed – e.g. Automotive, Heavy Industry, Steel Industry, Paper Industry, Forestry, Chemical Industry, Pharmaceutical Industry, Textile Industry, Retail Distribution

B-852 - Image.png

Speed & Functionality

Utilizing field-proven CPU technology from Toshiba, the B-852 offers high-speed printing and enhanced processing via an extensive choice of interfaces – including USB 2.0 and internal LAN. The options of serial and LAN interfaces provide additional flexibility and choice, making the B-852 adaptable to the widest variety of environments and applications.

Future Proofing

For future proofing, the B-852 printer is compatible with legacy systems. With the powerful Basic Command Interpreter (BCI) program, incoming data can be manipulated to generate the correct label formats. The BCI can also communicate with external devices allowing the easy integration of other technology systems.

System Platform

Print Quality

The B-852 300 dpi, 216 mm wide printhead facilitates rapid printing of high-quality, large format compliance labels.

SNMP Tools

  • Manage all the Toshiba printers attached to the network through their IP address. 

  • Display system information and firmware versions, allowing firmware to be updated across the network simultaneously. 

  • View the status of each individual printer connected to the network in real time with realtime alerts (including viewing web pages). 

  • View a graphical display of the alerted error with the instructions necessary to resolve it, even emailing the service call centre number when needed.

The BA400 series is the first of a next generation of product that comes with a totally new CPU and OS platform. This platform adds not only performance but extends the connectivity and adaptability of the BA400 series to meet the challenges of an ever-changing workplace.

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