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Paint Series

FANUC Paint Robots: Proudly made in the USA since 1982

In 1982, FANUC America produced its first NC Painter, a hydraulic paint robot using key components from parent company FANUC CORPORATION in Japan. Now, 35+ years later, FANUC America remains globally responsible for all paint robots and door openers of the FANUC robot lineup. In fact, FANUC America has supplied its U.S.-made paint robots to all of the top 15 global automakers ranked by the International Organization of Motor Vehicle Manufacturers (OICA).


Payload: 5 kg

Axis: 6

Reach: 1300mm


Payload: 15 kg

Axis: 6

Reach: 1800mm


Payload: 5 kg

Axis: 6

Reach: 892mm


Payload: 15 kg

Axis: 6

Reach: 2800mm


Payload: 45 kg

Axis: 6

Reach: 2606mm


Cost Effective Aluminum Construction

The aluminum lightweight arm fitted to FANUC paint robots saves money by lowering your energy costs, requiring less power to operate. Aluminum construction also provides additional safety benefits since there is no risk of ignition should a collision occur. Likewise, its smooth exterior surface helps minimize contamination and makes it especially easy to clean.

Hollow Wrist Design

Because cabling and services are routed through the robot arm, FANUC's patented hollow wrist on the P-50iB and P-250iB/15 models completely eliminates both the risk of cable snagging and contamination from paint debris that may fall from exposed hoses.

Flexible Mounting

To provide maximum adaptability in painting and dispensing environments, FANUC paint robots are available with a range of floor, wall, invert, angle and ceiling mounting options. Offering huge locational versatility, these options allow you to make the best use of precious workspace and, when ceiling mounted, allow very easy access for servicing.

Dedicated PaintTool Software

Requiring very little or no previous programming experience, FANUC PaintTool™ simulation software makes configuring and operating FANUC paint robots easy. With a range of standard configurations onboard, the software also saves you time across a host of process parameter settings including color change, line tracking, path teaching and much more.

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