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Industrial IoT

Fanuc Zero Down Time (ZDT)

ZDT ‑ Protect your investment with FANUC’s proven IoT solution

FANUC's Zero Down Time application (ZDT) is designed to eliminate down time and enhance overall robot performance. While FANUC robots are highly reliable, manufacturers still need a solution to maximize uptime.

Multiple ZDT Analytics verify the health of each connected robot

ZDT continuously collects and analyzes data to track each robot’s overall health and maintenance requirements while running production. ZDT will notify you if action is required to prevent unexpected downtime so you are free to focus on other responsibilities.

Maintenance Reminders

ZDT analyzes robot data to identify required maintenance tasks based on actual robot usage. You can use this information to optimize your overall maintenance costs and schedule the most critical tasks during planned maintenance windows.

Customer specific ZDT Web Portal

Use your own dedicated ZDT Web Portal to access information about your ZDT protected robots from anywhere in the world. You can see robot details at each of your locations, view analytic results, check robot health, maintenance status, and more.

Partnered with Cisco® to protect ZDT data

Cisco® is a trusted industry leader when it comes to Internet security. FANUC partnered with Cisco to ensure that all data collected from our robots is kept secure in transmission and at rest.


  • Eliminate Unexpected Downtime

  • Maximize Throughput

  • Optimize Maintenance Costs

  • Longer Lasting Robots

  • Access ZDT from a Mobile Device

FANUC MT-LINKi - Providing Ultimate Shop Floor Connectivity

FANUC MT-LINKi and FANUC MT-LINKi Integration Server are fully scalable, out-of-the-box machine tool monitoring solutions that can monitor and manage data from one to one thousand machines.  Operational and production data is monitored and collected using a PC and an Ethernet connection.  A variety of data points are automatically collected, including alarm history, macro variables & signal history, servo/spindle motor currents & temperatures, battery & fan status, feed rate overrides and more. 

Accessible Through Web Browser

MT-LINKi can connect to FANUC CNCs as well as robots and other devices like PLCs via an OPC UA server protocol.  Some legacy FANUC CNCs can also be connected using an Ethernet converter.  MT-LINKi can monitor an entire factory and the data can be viewed using web browsers or a tablet device. Since MT-LINKi can monitor various sensors connected to machine tools, it is a simple way to bring a facility into the IIoT universe.

Data Collection

The MT-LINKi software connects the equipment, collects the data, monitors machine performance and communicates the data to an upper host system.  With the MT-LINKi Integration Server, data from multiple sites/locations can be consolidated for enterprise-wide data collection solutions. 

Free, Open Source

MT-LINKi deploys MongoDB for Data Base management. MongoDB (from humongous) is a free and open-source cross-platform document-oriented database program. Classified as a NoSQL database program, MongoDB uses JSON-like documents with schemas. MongoDB can be communicated to an upper host system or custom web screens created using free, open source software.

FANUC ROBOGUIDE Simulation Software

Fanuc Roboguide - HandlingPro

HandlingPRO is used for material handling applications including load/unload, packaging, assembly and material removal. Features of HandlingPRO include CAD to Path programming, conveyor line tracking, machine modeling and programming.

Fanuc Roboguide - PaintPro

FANUC PaintPRO software is a graphical of offline programming solution that simplifies robotic path, teach and paint process development. The operator automatically generates robot programs by graphically selecting the area of the part to be painted and chooses between several painting methods.

Fanuc Roboguide - PalletPro & PalletTool

PalletPRO simulation software can be used to completely build, debug and test a palletizing application offline. PalletPRO allows users to create a workcell layout, infeed and pallet stations, slip sheet and pallet dispensers. Hundreds of unit load pallet configurations can be created and visualized in 3-D using PalletPRO’s built-in library of industry standard patterns. The data created in PalletPRO can be downloaded to a real robot controller containing PalletTool® software. 


WeldPRO simulates robotic arc welding process. WeldPRO CAD to Path programming capability supports auto generation of multiple robot group coordinated motion programs with de ned torch angles and process parameters. Programs and settings from the virtual workcell can be transferred to the real robot to decrease installation time. 


FIELD system (FANUC Intelligent Edge Link & Drive) is a FANUC developed Industrial IoT (Internet of Things) platform that allows users to connect production machines of different generations and all manufacturers - not just FANUC equipment - in a system. This enables comprehensive data collection and analysis along the entire process chain, decreasing equipment downtime while improving operational efficiency, product quality, and more.

Since FIELD is a truly open platform, manufacturers have the freedom to connect devices from a variety of manufacturers (robots, PLCs, sensors, etc) develop and implement FIELD Apps tailored to their specific needs. Users can also purchase FIELD Apps written by device manufacturers (robots, machines, PLCs, sensors, etc.) to deliver advanced functionality for their equipment, or purchase FIELD Apps written by third party software developers with contextual experience and resources to deliver game changing innovative solutions.

FIELD system can be linked to higher level in-plant systems such as ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), SCM (Supply Chain Management) and MES (Manufacturing Execution Systems). FIELD can even be extended to interface with popular cloud-based platforms.

Finally, FIELD system is backed by FANUC’s world class service department and FANUC’s “service for life” guarantee, making FIELD system the perfect choice as the backbone of your smart manufacturing strategy.

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