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Duaro 2

Collaborative Robot

Kawasaki “duAro” collaborative dual-arm SCARA robots allow manufacturers to efficiently and cost-effectively automate a wide range of applications. They have the flexibility to be applied to production lines with a short product cycle and frequent changeovers, and can safely collaborate with humans in work operations.

Dual-Arm SCARA Robot

Payload of 2 & 3 kg Each Arm (Total 4 & 6 kg)


Innovative Design

The duAro robot, with its two coaxial arms operated by one controller, can fit into a one-person space. In addition to providing independent arm operation, the single axis configuration enables the robot to easily perform coordinated arm movements, much like a human.

Collaborative Operations

Low-power motors, a soft body, speed, force and work zone monitoring, and a deceleration function enable the duAro to safely collaborate with humans in work operations. In the unlikely event of a collision, the collision detection function instantaneously stops the robot’s movement.

Installation Flexability

The slim cart allows for installation in tight spaces, and the option for integrated or separate (arms and controller are installed separately) installation helps duAro1 fit into a variety of layouts.

Easy Teaching

The lead-through teach function allows the user to easily teach the robot tasks by hand guiding its arms. Teaching operations can also be conveyed via a tablet which can be connected to multiple robots.

Enhanced Options

Options for integrated 2D vision, expanded and remote I/O, Bluetooth connectivity, and encoder-supported conveyor synchronization.

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