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M-3iA Series

FANUC M-3iA Delta Robots are available in either 3, 4 or 6 axes, and are specifically designed to maximize speed and versatility for high speed picking and packing operations. Their unique parallel-link structure and very large work envelope makes them ideal candidates for automating demanding applications across a range of industries including food, pharmaceutical and electronics.

Higher acceleration for a reduced footprint.

Built for high-speed and rapid acceleration, the extraordinary levels of performance offered by the M-3iA Series keeps the number of robots required on a line to a minimum and helps condense your manufacturing footprint.


Payload: 6 kg

Axis: 6

Reach: 1350mm


Payload: 6 kg

Axis: 4

Reach: 1350mm


Payload: 12 kg

Axis: 3

Reach: 1350mm


Multi-Part Picking & Handling

The M-3iA's payload enables the use of a bigger gripper for picking multiple products at once or handling larger individual items. An optional high inertia option increases the 4-axis M-3iA's payload to 8kg and increases the wrist inertia to handle even heavier payload or higher inertia applications.

Secondary Food Packaging Available

Thanks to exceptionally smooth easy-to-clean surfaces, food-grade lubrication, and white expoy coating, the M-3iA is highly acceptable for the food industry. Standard IP67 protection makes the M-3iA Series ideal for environments with strict hygiene standards.

iRPickTool for Multi-Robot Lines

Integrated iRVision with FANUC's conveyor tracking iRPickTool software make it easy for multiple high-speed robots to work together efficiently on a production line.

3 Axis Design for Side Part Feeding

The M-3iA's 3-axis wrist enables part feeding from the sides of a work zone, increasing the usable workspace.

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