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Panther Flex

Introducing the NEW Panther FLEX – the economical and Flexible pre-printed label applicator. Built for ultimate affordability and versatility, the entire system is engineered around a reconfigurable backbone that allows for horizontal, vertical, or custom arrangements – perfect for your specific application or spatial requirements. The FLEX provides the ultimate Flexibility, both for your operations and your budget.

Features & Specifications


Horizontal Arrangement

  • 32.3″ (w) x 20.6″ (h) x 26.0″ (d)


Dimensions subject to change with extended spine or customized configuration


Vertical Arrangement

  • 17.3″ (w) x 35.6″ (h) x 26.0″ (d)

Dimensions subject to change with extended spine or customized configuration



  • Fasteners: Nickel-plated and corrosion-resistant

  • M12/M8 sensor connections



  • 115VAC @ 5.0 amps 50/60Hz single phase

  • 22VAC @ 3.0 amps 50Hz single phase

  • 10’ power cord (or optional 25’ power cord)


  • 30-60 PSI @ 3 CFM (working) / 0 CFM (idle)

  • OSHA approved lockable shutoff

  • Filter and regulator included

  • Push-to-fit connectors throughout

  • High flow, low pressure pneumatics for safety

  • Easy, external access to solenoids and filter/regulator



Placement Accuracy

  • Within 0.125″ w/ consistent product

  • Within 0.0625″ w/ stationary product


Maximum Reach

  • Up to 12″ (tamp system)

  • Up to 18″ (swing arm system)


  • 16 point I/O PLC

  • Quick change electrical connections

  • Lighted Indicators for immediate feedback

  • Position sensor ensures applicator is home prior to printing a label


Additional Features

  • Product detect photoeye

  • O-ring driven take-up

  • OEM design for off-the-shelf replacement parts

  • Easy access to solenoids

  • LED indicators on all devices

  • Adjustable T-Base stand


Customized Options

  • Tower lamp (indicating operational status)

  • Low label detection

  • Quick-change applicator heads to accommodate multiple label sizes

  • 80/20 overhead mounting bracket

  • 12″ – 24″ stand height extension

Key Features

  • Reconfigurable to fit within tight/small spaces

  • Feed speeds up to 18 IPS

  • Dual automation options (full or semi)

  • Zero waste pneumatics – only uses air during operation

  • Improved label drive system for easy load capability

  • Remote mounted control box w/ 4″ touch screen display

  • Movable gap sensor for easy label calibration

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