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Toploader Series

FANUC’s series of toploaders are overhead, rail-mounted robots offering six-axis articulation, a modular construction and are electric servo-driven. With a wide selection of rail lengths, a payload range of 20 to 200 kg, and reach of 1.6 to 2.2 meters, the toploader series is ideal for a variety of industries and applications. FANUC offers the most versatile line of toploader robots in this class.

A combination of benefits makes the Toploader Series the perfect solution for machine tool load/unload and injection molding machine extraction, and fixture load/unload. Compared to traditional linear gantry robots, FANUC toploaders reduce floor space and ceiling height requirements. Their flexibility and dexterity makes it possible to perform value-added post-processing operations such as degating, deflashing, labeling, quality assurance, packaging and palletizing.


Payload: 20 kg

Axis: 6

Reach: 1662mm


Payload: 50 kg

Axis: 6

Reach: 1900mm


Payload: 70 kg

Axis: 6

Reach: 1900mm


Payload: 200 kg

Axis: 6

Reach: 2207mm


Flexible Cell Design

Two top loader robots can be mounted for increased flexibility in cell design. Our top loader robots also have the capability to perform post-processing tasks.

Top Speed & Motion Performance

High speed axes, accurate and robust purpose-build reducers and motors provide FANUC's top loader robots with excellent performance and unparalleled reliability and repeatability.

Service Multiple Machines

Mounting one FANUC top loader robot on a rail opens up an opportunity for the robot to service multiple vertical and/or horizontal machines to help reduce your investment costs.

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