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Label Applicators

Applicators serve to transport the label web to the dispensing beak, which is where the labels are removed from the backing paper. The remaining backing paper is then rolled up. Applicators generally include an unwinder, label sensor, dispensing system, base unit, and rewinder. The drive for transporting the label web is located in the base unit of the applicator. Applicators do not include a system for supplying products.

Wrap-around Labeler 152C.png

Label Machines

Labeling machines provide a comprehensive solution for labeling tasks. Comprehensive labeling machines include a transportation system for supplying the products to the labeling station, which employs the previously mentioned applicators and then forwards labeled products to the next machine or for manual removal. HERMA’s labeling machines also have several optional features, including separation, alignment, stabilization, review, and rejection of individual bad products, if necessary.

These machines are designed for side labeling (one or two side plus L- and C-shape), wrap-around labeling (positioned to a specific feature), as well as top and bottom labeling of products. Typical models of this type of machine include the models 132M040M (both for wrap-around labeling), 362M362E362C (for side labeling), 152C and 152E (also for wrap-around labeling), 452C552C and 652C (for top and bottom labeling). Additional options and custom solutions are available upon request.

Top Labeler 414.png

Semi-Automatic Units

The semi-automatic labeling machines manually supply and remove products. A transportation system for products is not included. The labeling process is triggered by two-hand operation or a foot switch. This class of labeling machines includes the 414 for top labeling and the 211 for wrap-around labeling of horizontal products.

Herma Fix.png

Manual Label Dispensers

The HERMA fix, which is based on the HERMA basic, and the compact HERMA 100 label dispensers are special applicator models. Labels are manually removed, taken from the dispenser and then applied to the products.

Print & Apply Systems

These systems include a printer that transports the labels. The printer applies the desired information to the labels and then sends them to a transfer unit which applies and presses them onto the respective products. Printing and applying shipping labels to boxes is a standard application of these systems.

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